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The Female O-shot®


What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® is a natural treatment involving no chemicals or harsh invasive procedures. It utilizes PRP (Platelet- Rich Plasma) that are harvested from the patient’s own blood and then reintroduced to help improve sensation and response during intercourse and stimulation.

The procedure provides a very specific way of using growth factors to stimulate multi-potent PRP to generate healthier and more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response and urinary continence within the vagina (G-Spot, O-Spot, Skene’s Glands, urethra, and vaginal wall).

Who Benefits from the O-Shot®?

For a stunning number of women, as much as 80 percent of those surveyed in numerous studies, say that they have faked an orgasm at some point and time with their partner. Also, about half of them say that they fake an orgasm on a regular basis. Many more have other issues associated with intercourse that make it difficult to reach an orgasm.

The O-Shot is a natural, surgery-free way for women to get relief from symptoms such as:

  • Decreased Libido (sex drive)

  • Urinary Incontinence

  • Painful Intercourse

  • Difficulty Reaching an Orgasm

  • Postpartum Fecal Incontinence

  • Chronic Pain Related to Childbirth

  • Litchen Sclerosus

  • Lichen Planus

  • Chronic Pain Related to Mesh

Benefits for women receiving the O-Shot include:

  • Natural treatment with no chemicals

  • Not a harsh invasive procedure

  • Improved sensation in genital area

  • Improved response during intercourse and stimulation

  • Tailored to your unique needs and individual situation

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